Steering Solutions

Sales, Installation, and Repair

Electronic or Mechanical modifications which assist the driver in steering the vehicle.

Steering Solutions That Give You More Freedom

Your lift helps keep you mobile, and so do we. We offer various steering solutions to give you as much freedom in vehicle choice as possible.

Spinner Knobs

Texas Adaptive Aids carries a wide variety of grips, spinner knobs, and amputee rings to assist you in driving your vehicle. In most cases, the use of these driving aids will require the driver to pass a specialized course designed to train and familiarize you with nuances of the controls and operation of these devices.

Mechanical Driving Aids

Texas Adaptive Aids puts you back in control of your mobility helping you regain your independence by offering a wide variety of adaptive equipment for almost any make and model of vehicle. We specialize in providing you with access to the best equipment in the industry!

Keeping you pointed in the right direction.

Our skilled staff combined with our wide range of steering solutions will meet any and all of your needs!