Scooter and 

Wheelchair Lifts

Sales, Installation, and Repair

Easy to use lifts that allow you to take your scooter or wheelchair with you wherever you go.

Lift Options That Give You More Freedom

Your lift helps keep you mobile, and so do we. We offer various lift options to give you as much freedom in vehicle choice as possible.

Hoist Scooter lifts

This style of lift resembles a crane and is simple to use. With basic controls, you direct the lift to come down from the vehicle allowing you to attach your chair or scooter to it and then place the lift into the vehicle.

Platform Lifts

These lifts are among the most commonly found in converted vans. The platform lift allows you to drive your chair or scooter onto the lift itself and then you use the simple controls to close the vehicle.

Exterior Lifts

Both the hoist and platform lifts mentioned above have the ability to be installed on the exterior of your vehicle to give you more freedom to choose the vehicle you want.