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Identify your need

No matter what stage of the process you are in, we can help! Over 20 years of assisting individuals with their own personal needs has made Texas Adaptive Aids uniquely prepared to assist you with deciding which accessories are right for you!


Find the best solution

At Texas Adaptive Aids, good enough doesn’t cut it! We strive to help each of our customers find the best equipment which seamlessly integrates into your lifestyle. We know you depend on your equipment and that’s why excellence is the standard.


Get you on the road

The expertise our technicians have gained over two decades means you can have peace of mind that your mobility accessories are top quality and installed properly. Our skilled staff can answer any of your questions and we will have you back behind the wheel in no time!


Satisfied Customers

We have worked on virtually every type of adaptive aid available today in our 2 decades of service. Every minute that we work is devoted to giving you the freedom to go where you choose with as few bumps in the road as possible.

Adaptive Aid Installation & Repair

Adaptive Aid Customization